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By James Robinson (writer), Teddy Kristiansen, Peter Snejbjerg, Michael Zulli and Steve Yeowell with Michael Wm. Kaluta (artists)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released January 1996

Cover price: $14.95
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 156389274X

Synopsis from publisher:
When a group of barbarians brutally slaughter and rape a coven of their followers, Mildred, Morganna, and Cynthia, the three dark witches of ancient Greece, unleash a centuries-spanning maelstrom of vengeance. Resurrecting their slain priestess over and over again, the Three Witches aid their faithful servant in her endless mission of revenge against the reincarnation of the barbarian chief. But after bloody and horrific encounters in the Middle Ages and the Victorian Era, the vicious cycle of death and rebirth comes to an end as killer and victim meet for one final, fateful confrontation in the 1990s.


This publication reprints the Witchcraft comic book mini-series. All material in this publication was written by James Robinson and illustrated by Teddy Kristiansen. Each issue also features additional artwork by a different artist. The first issue includes a sequence by Peter Snejbjerg, the second by Michael Zulli and the third by Steve Yeowell. The cover is painted by Michael Wm. Kaluta.

There was a sequel Witchcraft mini-series called Witchcraft: La Terreur. The 3-part mini-series was written by James Robinson and illustrated by Michael Zulli and Vince Locke. Michael Wm. Kaluta also returned as cover artist. These issues have yet to be reprinted or collected.


  1. Witchcraft #1 (1994)
  2. Witchcraft #2 (1994)
  3. Witchcraft #3 (1994