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Neil Gaiman’s Midnight Days

Neil Gaiman’s Midnight Days
By Neil Gaiman with Matt Wagner (writers), Stephen Bissette, Richard Piers Rayner, Mike Hoffman, Mike Mignola, Dave McKean and Teddy Kristiansen with John Totleben and Kim DeMulder (artists)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released January 2000

Cover price: $17.99
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 156389517X

Synopsis from publisher:
An award-winning comic book writer and a best-selling novelist, Neil Gaiman is considered one of the most talented and imaginative modern-day authors. An amazing storyteller who weaves intricate plots into thought-provoking tales, Gaiman is credited with expanding the comic book medium into other literary genres. Providing tantalizing glimpses into the fantastical worlds he would create and nurture, NEIL GAIMAN’S MIDNIGHT DAYS collects some of the accomplished author’s earliest work. Included in these never-before-reprinted and original publications are entertaining tales featuring the Golden Age Sandman, Morpheus, the Swamp Thing, and John Constantine.

This publication collects issues from various comic book series. All material was written by Neil Gaiman. The first story was a previously unpublished Swamp Thing story with art by Stephen Bissette and John Totleben. The second story reprints the first story from Swamp Thing Annual #5 with art by Richard Piers Rayner and Mike Hoffman with Kim DeMulder. The third story is the second story from Swamp Thing Annual #5 with art by Mike Mignola. The fourth story reprints Hellblazer #27 with art by Dave McKean. The fifth story reprints the 64-page original graphic novel Sandman Midnight Theatre, co-written with Matt Wagner and painted by Teddy Kristiansen. The cover was created by Dave McKean.

Hellblazer #27 was also reprinted in Constantine: The Hellblazer Collection. Sandman Midnight Theatre was published as an original graphic novel, but has since gone out of print. Swamp Thing Annual #5 had previously not been reprinted or collected.


  1. previously unpublished Swamp Thing story
  2. Swamp Thing Annual #5 (1989) (first 42-page story and second 10-page story only; excludes 2-page “Who’s Who” profile)
  3. Hellblazer #27 (1990)
  4. Sandman Midnight Theatre (1995)

Swamp Thing Vol. 9: Infernal Triangles

Swamp Thing Vol. 9: Infernal Triangles
By Rick Veitch (writer/arist) with Jamie Delano and Stephen R. Bissette (writers) and Alfredo Alcala with Tom Mandrake, Shawn McManus, Jim Fern, Stan Woch, John Totleben and Tom Yeates (artists)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released November 2006

Cover price: $19.99
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 1401210082

Synopsis from publisher:
Collecting issues #77-81 of the series that helped to lay the foundation for the Vertigo line, ths volume follows the Avatar of the Green and Abby as they prepare for the birth of their child — only to have an alien intelligence rip the Swamp Thing away from his home just when he’s needed the most. This collection also reprints the 41-page “Distant Cousins” story from SWAMP THING ANNUAL #3, featuring the all-ape adventures of the DCU’s most famous anthropoids.

The ninth collection of the second Swamp Thing comic book series. Most of the reprinted material was created by writer/artist Rick Veitch and inker Alfredo Alcala. Issue #77 was written by Jamie Delano. Issue #78 was written by Stephen R. Bissette. Tom Mandrake provided pencils for both 77 and 78. Shawn McManus, Jim Fern and Stan Woch contributed pencils to Swamp Thing Annual #3, which was inked by Tom Yeates. John Totleben illustrated the cover.
This is currently the final collection of the second Swamp Thing comic book series. In addition to the first twenty issues, the remainder of the series, which ran a total of 171 issues until 1996, has yet to be collected. Rick Veitch’s run as writer lasted until issue #88 with Tom Mandrake (#83-85) and Tom Yeates (#86-89) taking over art duties. Writer Doug Wheeler took over the series with issue #89 and remained on until issue #109. Artists Pat Broderick and Alfredo Alcala drew the book from #90 to #100 with the exception of occasional fill-ins by artists Kelley Jones (#94) and Tom Sutton (#98). Jones also contributed pages to #100. Writer Andrew Helfer stepped in for issue #101. Mike Hoffman took over art for the series with the same issue, remaining on until issue #109. Bill Jaaska illustrated a portion of #104. Writer Nancy Collins took over the series from issue #110 to #139. The series was then drawn by Tom Mandrake and Kim DeMulder, but saw several artists pitch in, such as Bill Jaaska (110), Shawn McManus (111), Tom Yeates & Shephard Hendrix (112-113) and Jan Duursema (117), until Scot Eaton replaced Mandrake beginning with issue #118. Issue #116 saw writer Dick Foreman and artist Shawn McManus fill in. Eaton and DeMulder stayed on as the art team until issue #138. Greg Baker replaced DeMulder for issue #124. Writer Dick Foreman filled in again for issue #126. Russell Braun replaced Eaton for #136 & #137. Rebecca Guay and DeMulder handled #139. Writers Grant Morrison and Mark Millar and artists Phil Hester and DeMulder took over the book with issue #140. Millar took over full writing duties with issue #144. Millar, Hester and DeMulder remained on until the series ended. Artists occasionally filled in, such as Chris Weston (153), Phil Jimenez (156-157), Jill Thompson (159). Curt Swan contributed penciled pages for the majority of issue #165. Aside from the cover of issue #157 by John Totleben for the cover of Swamp Thing Vol. 4: A Murder of Crows, these issues have never been collected or reprinted.


  1. Swamp Thing #77 (1988)
  2. Swamp Thing #78 (1988)
  3. Swamp Thing #79 (1988)
  4. Swamp Thing #80 (1988)
  5. Swamp Thing #81 (1988)
  6. Swamp Thing Annual #3 (1987)

Swamp Thing Vol. 2: Love and Death

Swamp Thing Vol. 2: Love and Death
By Alan Moore with Len Wein (writers), Stephen Bissette and Jon Totleben with Shawn McManus, Ron Randall, Bernie Wrightson and Alfredo Alcala (artists)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released April 1995

Cover price: $19.99
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 0930289544

Synopsis from publisher:
The Plant Elemental comes to terms with his true origins and travels to the depths of Hell. Features appearances by Cain and Abel, the Spectre, the Demon, Deadman, and the Phantom Stranger. Also includes the classic first appearance of the Swamp Thing from HOUSE OF SECRETS #92, woven into the present day continuity.

The second collection of Alan Moore’s run on Saga of the Swamp Thing, the second Swamp Thing comic book series. McManus handled art on issue #28 & 32. Rick Veitch provided pencils for issue #31. Ron Randall illustrated issue #33. The art team of Stephen Bissette and Jon Totleben illustrated the remainder of the issues in the collection with the exception of Alfred Alcala inking Bissette’s pencils for issue #30. Also, the 8-page story from House of Secrets #92, from 1971, was written by Len Wein and drawn by Bernie Wrightson. One page of issue #30 is not included in this collection. The entire page is a tie-in to the limited series event Crisis on Infinite Earths.


  1. Saga of the Swamp Thing #28 (1984)
  2. Saga of the Swamp Thing #29 (1984)
  3. Saga of the Swamp Thing #30 (1984)
  4. Saga of the Swamp Thing #31 (1984)
  5. Saga of the Swamp Thing Annual #2 (1985)
  6. Saga of the Swamp Thing #32 (1985)
  7. Saga of the Swamp Thing #33 (1985)
  8. House of Secrets #92 (1971)
  9. Saga of the Swamp Thing #34 (1985)

Bonus material:

  1. Foreword by Jamie Delano
  2. Introduction by Neil Gaiman