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Shade the Changing Man: American Scream

Shade the Changing Man: American Scream
By Peter Milligan (writer), Chris Bachalo and Mark Pennington with Brendan McCarthy (artists)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released April 1991

Cover price: $17.95
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 140120046X

Synopsis from publisher:
Can the man from the Meta Zone make sense of America?

SHADE, THE CHANGING MAN: THE AMERICAN SCREAM collects the first six issues of one of VERTIGO’s founding titles, written by Peter Milligan (HUMAN TARGET: FINAL CUT, X-Force) with art by Chris Bachalo (DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING, STEAMPUNK) and Mark Pennington (HELLBLAZER, DEATH: THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE) and a cover by Brendan McCarthy (2000 A.D.). Now is the perfect time to rediscover this quixotic and timeless character.

This fantastic re-imagining of Shade, The Changing Man — a character created by the legendary Steve Ditko (Amazing Spider-Man) in the 1970s — begins in an explosion of madness as 23-year-old Kathy George relives the horror of her parents’ deaths. Hoping for a reprieve from the constant nightmares and the ever-present threat of insanity that have hounded her since their deaths, Kathy instead is swept up in Shade’s arrival from his home dimension, Meta, into the body of the serial killer who destroyed her life. From there, Kathy and Shade begin a journey into America’s collective unconscious as they combat the malevolent force known only as The American Scream.


This publication is the first and so far only volume reprinting the second Shade The Changing Man comic book series. All material in this publication was written by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Chris Bachalo and Mark Pennington. The cover for this publication was created by Brendan McCarthy.

The series continued until 1996 with issue #70. Writer Peter Milligan remained on the series until the final issue. Chris Bachalo and Mark Pennington remained as the art team until issue #26. Bachalo had a couple of fill-in artists step in for him: Bill Jaaska on issue #10 and Bryan Talbot on issue #14. Rick J. Bryant filled in for Pennington on issues #16 and #17. Jan Duursema and Bryant provided additional art to issue #20. Brendan McCarthy illustrated issue #22. Colleen Doran replaced Bachalo with issue #27. Duncan Eagleson and Mark Buckingham illustrated issue #30. Buckingham also provided inking for issue #31. Pablo Marcos inked issue #32. Chris Bachalo and Rick J. Bryant returned as the regular art team with issue #33. Some issues including segments by other artists, such as Glyn Dillon (issues #34 and #38), Peter Gross (#36), Scot Eaton (#39), Steve Yeowell (#42), Philip Bond (#43). Philip Bond and Glyn Dillon illustrated issue #40. Dillon filled in again for issues #41 and #46. Philip Bond illustrated issue #48. Mark Buckingham assisted with inking issues #49 and #50. Sean Phillips illustrating issues #51 to #53, the latter was inked by Dick Giordano. Mark Buckingham and Rick J. Bryant took over the art duties with issue #54. Michael Lark provided additional artwork for issues #56 and #59, and illustrated all of issue #58. Richard Case and Rick J. Bryant began a run with issue #61 and #62, the latter with additional artwork by Andy Pritchett. Jamie Togalson and Rafael Kayanan illustrated issue #64. Richard Case illustrated issue #65 and #66. Togalson, Kayanan and Case contributed to issue #67. Case and Pennington illustrated issue #68. Case and Phil Gascoine illustrated issue #69 and #70. These issues have yet to be collected or reprinted.

The first Shade The Changing Man comic book series began in 1977 and ran for 8 issues until 1978. The series was written and illustrated by Steve Ditko, with Michael Fleisher providing dialogue. These issues have yet to be collected or reprinted.


  1. Shade, The Changing Man #1 (1990)
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