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Showcase Presents: House of Secrets Vol. 1

Showcase Presents: House of Secrets Vol. 1
By Mike Friedrich, Gerry Conway, Marv Wolfman, Len Wein, Steve Skeates, John Costanza, Robert Kanigher, Raymond Marais, Jack Oleck, Mark Evanier, Jack Kirby, Joe Orlando, Virgil North, Sergio Aragonés, Lore Shoberg, John Albano, Mark Hanerfeld (writers), Jerry Grandenetti, Jack Sparling, Bill Draut, Werner Roth, Dick Giordano, Dick Dillin, Alex Toth, Mike Royer, Sid Greene, Don Heck, Ralph Reese, John Costanza, Gil Kane, George Tuska, Gray Morrow, Ross Andru, Michael Wm. Kaluta, Rich Buckler, Wally Wood, Sam Glanzman, Murphy Anderson, Bernie Wrightson, Alan Lee Weiss, Jim Aparo, Sergio Aragonés, Jack Abel, Nick Cardy, Lore Shoberg, Tony DeZuniga, George Roussos, Bernard Baily, Joe Maneely, Nestor Redondo, Bill Ely, John Prentice, Ralph Mayo, José Delbo, Mike Roy, Adolfo Buylla and Neal Adams (artists)
Published by DC Comics
Originally released August 2008

Cover price: $16.99
Format: Soft cover, black & white, standard-size
ISBN 1401218180

Synopsis from publisher:

More than 500 pages of mystery tales from the pages of THE HOUSE OF SECRETS #81-98 (1969-1972)!


This publication reprints the comic book series The House of Secrets. The comic was a horror-themed anthology, and so used a variety of creators on each issue. 

The first 80 issues of the series have yet to be reprinted or collected. Following the issues reprinted in this publication, the series continued until issue #154 in 1978. Those issues have yet to be reprinted or collected.


  1. House of Secrets #81 (1969)
  2. House of Secrets #82 (1969)
  3. House of Secrets #83 (1969/1970)
  4. House of Secrets #84 (1970)
  5. House of Secrets #85 (1970)
  6. House of Secrets #86 (1970)
  7. House of Secrets #87 (1970)
  8. House of Secrets #88 (1970)
  9. House of Secrets #89 (1970/1971)
  10. House of Secrets #90 (1971)
  11. House of Secrets #91 (1971)
  12. House of Secrets #92 (1971)
  13. House of Secrets #93 (1971)
  14. House of Secrets #94 (1971)
  15. House of Secrets #95 (1971/1972)
  16. House of Secrets #96 (1972)
  17. House of Secrets #97 (1972)
  18. House of Secrets #98 (1972)