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The Books of Faerie

The Books of Faerie
By Bronwyn Carlton with John Ney Rieber (writers) and Peter Gross with Hermann Mejia (artists)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released January 2005

Cover price: $19.95
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 1401202632

Synopsis from publisher:

From the pages of “The Books of Magic”, this is the incredible story of how an orphan girl from 11th-century England became Queen Titania of Faerie. Also included is the tale of Tim Hunter’s first meeting with his true father, Tamlin, a denizen of Faerie.


This publication reprints the comic book mini-series The Books of Faerie. All material in this publication was written by Bronwyn Carlton and illustrated by Peter Gross, except for Arcana Annual #1, which was written by John Ney Rieber. The cover was painted by Hermann Mejia.

Arcana Annual #1 is part of The Children’s Crusade, a cross-over event that was told through five ‘Annual’ issues and a two-issue mini-series titled The Children’s Crusade published by Vertigo in 1993. Aside from this issue, the event has yet to be collected or reprinted.


  1. The Books of Faerie #1 (1997)
  2. The Books of Faerie #2 (1997)
  3. The Books of Faerie #3 (1997)
  4. Arcana/The Books of Magic Annual #1 (1994)