The Graphic Novel Database is attempting to build an easily searchable database of information on original graphic novels, trade paperbacks, digests, manga and other relevant bookshelf-targeted publications of comic books and sequential art (collectively referred to here as graphic novels). Each entry will contain publisher info about the graphic novel, issues reprinted, creator credits, price point, format, bonus material, and general notes about the publication and/or the series the publication reprints. Reader-generated reviews and other commentary is also available.

A note about the standard dimensions of graphic novels: there are lots of variation. The standard size for graphic novels is about 6 1/2″ x 10″ (width x height). Digest-sized graphic novels and manga are typically 5″ x 8″ (width x height). Some are slightly wider and/or taller. Some significantly so. Some are smaller. Some break convention by being more wide than tall. 

Every day, I will try to add 1 to 2 graphic novels. No promises, though. (I’ve got other stuff going on.) I’ll typically be working chronologically through any given series. But if I get tired of that system, I might start jumping around to hit some of the big stuff. We’ll see how it goes.

I highly encourage posting corrections, reviews, questions, and any other additions in the comments for each entry. You can also contact me directly.

Please help support the site by using the Amazon.com link provided in each entry to make your purchases.

Some sources (beyond the actual graphic novels themselves, if I happen to own them):

  1. Relevant publishers’ official site(s)
  2. The Grand Comics Database (or Grand Comic Book Database, depending on what page you look at)
  3. The Comic Book Database
  4. The Trade Paperback List (unfortunately no longer updated from what I can tell)
  5. Amazon.com and other retail sites
  6. Wikipedia and relevant fan pages
  7. The Marvel Masterworks Resource Page

(This blog was formerly an open notebook for me in my comic research. Unfortunately it sort of died on the vine. So instead of leaving it dead and starting up a brand new blog, I’ve decided to overhaul this one. That’s why some of the early content might seem a bit incongruous.)

  1. Geert Verheyen


    My name is Geert Verheyen, I’m 23 and I have a question. Excuse my English, I’m a native Dutch.

    I’m passioned with music and movies, and I’m trying to read a novel from time to time. That’s why I never got into the graphic novels, altough I wanted to (a day has only 24 hours).

    I’m really want to read some graphic novels and making a hobby of it, but I’n not knowing where to start. I know that there are many beautiful things to discover, but I don’t know what’s worth reading. Now I’m looking for someone (an expert or a passionate reader) who could introduce me into the world of the graphic novel, who could help me by telling what the really readable graphic novels are (and maybe keep me up to date)…

    There are not many comic stores in Belgium but in Antwerp, near where I’n leaving, there’s a big one. I can buy my comics there.

    I’m looking forward to your answer.


  2. Hello Geert,

    On my main blog at http://www.coreyblake.com I have a weekly column where I highlight new comics and graphic novels that I think could be good for people just starting out with the medium. It’s called “New to Comics? New Comics for You”. Please check it out.

    Also, I was an associate producer for a documentary called Dig Comics which has a list of recommended graphic novels for newcomers on its website. Check it out at http://www.digcomics.com – the site has an overhaul in the works, so keep checking back.

    Hope that helps! Thanks for posting!

    -Corey (Graphic Novel Database)

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