Cruel and Unusual

Cruel and Unusual
By Jamie Delano, Tom Peyer (writers), John McCrea and Andrew Chiu (artists)
Published by Desperado Publishing
Originally released September 2007

Cover price: $15.99
Format: Soft cover, black & white, standard-size
ISBN 0979593921

Synopsis from publisher:

Television producer Bobbie Flint’s corporate bosses punish her with a transfer to a little-known division: a private high-security prison deep in the Florida Everglades. As the new warden, she must use her marketing skills to transform this hell on earth into something worse: a televised execution mill fueled by advertising and ratings. Bobbie’s success lands her at the feet of two formidable opponents – her leering boss and her own conscience – and into a lurid dead-end life of violence and sexual depravity.


This publication reprints the comic book mini-series Cruel and Unusual. All material in this publication has been written by Jamie Delano and Tom Peyer and illustrated by John McCrea.

The mini-series was originally published in color by DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint. It was collected and reprinted for the first time by Desperado Publishing in 2007.


  1. Cruel and Unusual #1 (1999)
  2. Cruel and Unusual #2 (1999)
  3. Cruel and Unusual #3 (1999)
  4. Cruel and Unusual #4 (1999)

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