Terminal City

Terminal City
By Dean Motter (writer) and Michael Lark with Mark Chiarello (artists)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released November 1997

Availability: Amazon.com
Cover price: $19.95
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 1563893916

Synopsis from publisher:

A futuristic society of robots and flying cars, Terminal City is a utopian metropolis that has fallen apart. Lorded over by corrupt officials and merciless gangsters, the city has become a haven for lost dreams and broken spirits. But when an amnesiac chained to a mysterious briefcase suddenly appears at the city’s lavish hotel, an assortment of oddball characters receive a second chance for redemption. Now as a former daredevil, a retired boxer, and a forgotten actor each look to reclaim control of their lives, they become entangled in a lavish plot of corruption, betrayals, and legendary crown jewels that will either be their salvation or damnation.


This publication reprints the comic book mini-series Terminal City. All material in this publication was written by Dean Motter and illustrated by Michael Lark. The cover was painted by Mark Chiarello.

A five-issue sequel titled Terminal City: Aerial Graffiti was released in 1997 but has yet to be collected or reprinted.


  1. Terminal City #1 (1996)
  2. Terminal City #2 (1996)
  3. Terminal City #3 (1996)
  4. Terminal City #4 (1996)
  5. Terminal City #5 (1996)
  6. Terminal City #6 (1996)
  7. Terminal City #7 (1997)
  8. Terminal City #8 (1997)
  9. Terminal City #9 (1997)

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