House of Secrets: Foundation


House of Secrets: Foundation
By Stephen T. Seagle (writer) and Teddy Kristiansen (artist)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released March 1997

Cover price: $14.95
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 1563893622

Synopsis from publisher:
In the fully painted psychological thriller and horror story HOUSE OF SECRETS: FOUNDATION, teenage runaway Rain Harper becomes part of a supernatural justice system when she takes up residence in a haunted mansion. Holding court within the abandoned house, five otherworldly ghostly spirits known as the Juris hypnotically summon people to their location and judge them for the secrets that they keep. Acting as a “witness” that binds the Juris’ trials to this plane of existence, Rain is forced to validate their decisions as she simultaneously tries to save the defendants from their sentences.


This publication reprints the second comic book series titled House of Secrets. All material in this publication was written by Stephen T. Seagle and painted by Teddy Kristiansen.

The second House of Secrets comic book series continued on until issue #25 in 1998. The remainder of the series has yet to be reprinted or collected.


  1. House of Secrets #1 (1996)
  2. House of Secrets #2 (1996)
  3. House of Secrets #3 (1996)
  4. House of Secrets #4 (1997)
  5. House of Secrets #5 (1997)

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