By Peter Milligan (writer), Brett Ewins and Steve Dillon (artists)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released October 2002

Cover price: $19.95
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 1563899256

Synopsis from publisher:
The dark and violent SKREEMER tells the post-apocalyptic tale of a young boy’s ascension from brutal assassin to the most powerful gangster in the world. With America decimated by a plague, ganglord “Presidents” have used their control of a life-saving serum to become the rulers of the land. Recruited as a child to be a mob hit man, Veto Skreemer rises through the crime family ranks by eliminating all of his brethren until he becomes the most influential “President” in the country. But now as the balance of power shifts, Veto must devise a way to retain control or watch as his empire crumbles.


This publication collects the comic book mini-series Skreemer. All material in this publication was written by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Brett Ewins and Steve Dillon.


  1. Skreemer #1 (1989)
  2. Skreemer #2 (1989)
  3. Skreemer #3 (1989)
  4. Skreemer #4 (1989)
  5. Skreemer #5 (1989)
  6. Skreemer #6 (1989)

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  1. Good lord, does this book suck. Every page is crammed with dense woe-is-me text voiced by characters that are far beyond our symphathy, with occasional digressions into bizarre pseudopsychology. I bought it just after it came out and forced my way through the whole thing, then put it away until this month, when I needed to pull about 10 linear feet of my collection to sell on Craigslist. I was curious to see if it was as bad as I remembered, so I picked it up again and still couldn’t get through four pages before putting it down in annoyance.

    In my first two Craigslist ads, I offered this book for free to anyone who bought my other books. With no takers for that offer, I dropped the price to negative 50 cents: I’m now *offering to pay* to get rid of it. I still have no takers. How much incentive will it take to get people to remove this junk from my presence? If I still have it in two weeks, I will try another CL ad that offers my *entire remaining collection for free* to anyone who picks up Skreemer, reads the whole thing, then passes a quiz to verify that they actually did it. I will keep you posted.

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