The Books of Magic Vol. 7: Death After Death

The Books of Magic Vol. 7: Death After Death
By John Ney Rieber (writer), Peter Gross and Jill Thompson with Temujin, Richard Case and Michael Wm. Kaluta (artists)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released November 2001

Cover price: $19.95
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 1563897407

Synopsis from publisher:
Since learning that he would become a wizard of infinite power, young Tim Hunter has been cursed with a life of loss and death. Tired of the misery that has become his adolescence, the fourteen year-old mage releases all of his magic unto the universe. But as a war between Heaven and Hell erupts over the newly released power, Tim learns that his impulsive action may lead to the end of all Creation. Now the completely powerless sorcerer must find a way to outmaneuver and manipulate an assortment of angels, demons, and deities in order to regain his magic or watch as all of existence ceases to be.


This is the eighth publication collecting The Books of Magic series of comic books. All material in this publication was written by John Ney Rieber and illustrated by Peter Gross. Jill Thompson illustrated issue #42. Temujin provided inks for issues #46 to #49. Richard Case provided additional inks for issue #48. The cover was painted by Michael Wm. Kaluta.

The Books of Magic comic book series continued on until issue #75 in 2000. With issue #51, Peter Gross took over the series as writer and artist, with Temujin frequently providing inks. Additional art was provided by Linda Medley for issue #55, Ryan Kelly for issue #62 and #68, Michael Lark also for issue #68. Issue #63 had a temporary team of writer Peter Hogan and artist Gary Amaro. Vince Locke inked issue #69. Ryan Kelly inked issue #70. Jon Ridgway illustrated issue #72. These issues have yet to be reprinted or collected.

In late 1997, while The Books of Magic comic book series was still running, a 2-issue cross-over mini-series titled Hellblazer / The Books of Magic was released. These issues have yet to be reprinted or collected.

In 2004, a new series was released called The Books of Magic: Life During Wartime, which has been partially reprinted.


  1. The Books of Magic #42 (1997)
  2. The Books of Magic #43 (1997)
  3. The Books of Magic #44 (1998)
  4. The Books of Magic #45 (1998)
  5. The Books of Magic #46 (1998)
  6. The Books of Magic #47 (1998)
  7. The Books of Magic #48 (1998)
  8. The Books of Magic #49 (1998)
  9. The Books of Magic #50 (1998)

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