The Books of Magic Vol. 1: Bindings

The Books of Magic Vol. 1: Bindings
By John Ney Rieber (writer), Gary Amaro and Peter Gross with Charles Vess (artists)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released March 1995

Cover price: $14.95
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 1563891875

Synopsis from publisher:
Tim Hunter, destined to become Earth’s greatest sorcerer, defends the realm of Faerie from the deadly manticore while trying to maintain a normal childhood life. Is his real father the one-armed drunk in the front room or is he the man who can turn into a hawk? Is his mother dead and buried or is she Titania, Queen of Faerie? Plus Death herself weighs in on the subject of identity.


This is the second publication reprinting The Books of Magic series of comic books. This publication reprints the first four issues of the ongoing series. All material in this publication was written by John Ney Rieber and illustrated by Gary Amaro and Peter Gross. The cover was painted by Charles Vess. The publication includes an introduction by Jane Yolen.


  1. The Books of Magic #1 (1994)
  2. The Books of Magic #2 (1994)
  3. The Books of Magic #3 (1994)
  4. The Books of Magic #4 (1994)

Bonus Material:

  1. Introduction by Jane Yolen

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