The Books of Magic

The Books of Magic
By Neil Gaiman (writer) and John Bolton, Scott Hampton, Charles Vess and Paul Johnson (artists)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released April 1993

Cover price: $19.99
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 1563890828

Synopsis from publisher:
A quartet of fallen mystics dubbed the “Trenchcoat Brigade” is introduced in this first collection of the adventures of Timothy Hunter. John Constanine, the Phantom Stranger, Dr. Occult and Mister E take Hunter on a tour of the magical realms. Along the way he’s introduced to Vertigo’s greatest practitioners of magic and must choose whether or not to join their ranks.


This is the first publication reprinting The Books of Magic series of comic books. This publication reprints the original mini-series. All material in this publication was written by Neil Gaiman. Each of the four chapters (issues) is illustrated by a different artist: John Bolton, who also provided the cover for this publication, Scott Hampton, Charles Vess and Paul Johnson. There is also an introduction by Roger Zelazny.


  1. The Books of Magic #1 (1990)
  2. The Books of Magic #2 (1990)
  3. The Books of Magic #3 (1991)
  4. The Books of Magic #4 (1991)

Bonus Material:

  1. Introduction by Roger Zelazny

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