Neil Gaiman’s Midnight Days

Neil Gaiman’s Midnight Days
By Neil Gaiman with Matt Wagner (writers), Stephen Bissette, Richard Piers Rayner, Mike Hoffman, Mike Mignola, Dave McKean and Teddy Kristiansen with John Totleben and Kim DeMulder (artists)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released January 2000

Cover price: $17.99
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 156389517X

Synopsis from publisher:
An award-winning comic book writer and a best-selling novelist, Neil Gaiman is considered one of the most talented and imaginative modern-day authors. An amazing storyteller who weaves intricate plots into thought-provoking tales, Gaiman is credited with expanding the comic book medium into other literary genres. Providing tantalizing glimpses into the fantastical worlds he would create and nurture, NEIL GAIMAN’S MIDNIGHT DAYS collects some of the accomplished author’s earliest work. Included in these never-before-reprinted and original publications are entertaining tales featuring the Golden Age Sandman, Morpheus, the Swamp Thing, and John Constantine.

This publication collects issues from various comic book series. All material was written by Neil Gaiman. The first story was a previously unpublished Swamp Thing story with art by Stephen Bissette and John Totleben. The second story reprints the first story from Swamp Thing Annual #5 with art by Richard Piers Rayner and Mike Hoffman with Kim DeMulder. The third story is the second story from Swamp Thing Annual #5 with art by Mike Mignola. The fourth story reprints Hellblazer #27 with art by Dave McKean. The fifth story reprints the 64-page original graphic novel Sandman Midnight Theatre, co-written with Matt Wagner and painted by Teddy Kristiansen. The cover was created by Dave McKean.

Hellblazer #27 was also reprinted in Constantine: The Hellblazer Collection. Sandman Midnight Theatre was published as an original graphic novel, but has since gone out of print. Swamp Thing Annual #5 had previously not been reprinted or collected.


  1. previously unpublished Swamp Thing story
  2. Swamp Thing Annual #5 (1989) (first 42-page story and second 10-page story only; excludes 2-page “Who’s Who” profile)
  3. Hellblazer #27 (1990)
  4. Sandman Midnight Theatre (1995)

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