The Sandman Vol. 4: Season of Mists

The Sandman Vol. 4: Season of Mists
By Neil Gaiman (writer), Kelley Jones, Mike Dringenberg, Matt Wagner with Dick Giordano, George Pratt, P. Craig Russell and Dave McKean (artists)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released 1992

Cover price: $19.99
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 1563890410

Cover price: $29.99
Format: Hard cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 1563890356

Synopsis from publisher for soft cover edition:
Lucifer has grown tired of being the lord of Hell. He kicks out the demons and the damned alike, closes up shop, and gives the key to Hell to Morpheus. Beings from all the world’s mythologies converge on the lord of Dream to seize this instrument of power.

Synopsis from publisher for hard cover edition:
Ten thousand years after banishing to Hell a woman who scorned him, Morpheus, the King of Dreams, has decided to free his former lover. But when the Sandman arrives in the realm of eternal damnation, Lucifer, the first fallen angel, notifies him that he is closing down Hell and he wants Morpheus to have the keys. Now in charge of the gates of Hell, the King of Dreams is bombarded with requests for possession of the empty kingdom by Norse gods, homeless demons, Egyptian deities, Faerie ambassadors, the lords of Chaos and Order, and Japanese divinities. Realizing too late that Lucifer’s gift was a veiled curse, Morpheus is forced to make a decision that will affect every plane of existence as well as the universal balance of power.

The fourth collection of the second Sandman comic book series. All material reprinted in this publication was written by Neil Gaiman. Issue #21 was illustrated by Mike Dringenberg and Malcolm Jones III. Issues #22 and #23 were drawn by Kelley Jones and Malcolm Jones III. Issue #24 was drawn by Jones and P. Craig Russell. Issue #25 was drawn by Matt Wagner and Russell. Kelley Jones returned for issue #26, inked by George Pratt, and issue #27, inked by Dick Giordano. Issue #28 was drawn by Dringenberg and Pratt. The cover was created by Dave McKean.


  1. Sandman #21 (1990)
  2. Sandman #22 (1991)
  3. Sandman #23 (1991)
  4. Sandman #24 (1991)
  5. Sandman #25 (1991)
  6. Sandman #26 (1991)
  7. Sandman #27 (1991)
  8. Sandman #28 (1991)

Bonus material:

  1. Introduction by Harlan Ellison

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