Industry Numbers Point to Duopoly?

Estimates for comic book industry sales reports for the month of October based on information released from comic distributor Diamond Comics have been posted over the past week or so. The health of the industry seems to continue to improve on paper, as the industry appears set to bring in $400 million at the end of this year, according to analysis from Comic Buyer’s Guide’s John Jackson Miller. ICv2 and CBR both have sales estimates and analysis, as well. While the overall health of the industry seems on track, it seems to me to be largely due to material from top comic publishers Marvel Comics and DC Comics. The strength of smaller publishers remains stagnant or even weakens. I believe that a risk exists that the industry is or has turned into a duopoly. Progress is slow, but I’ve been gathering data to support this argument as well as creating a model that more closely monitors the industry beyond the major players.


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