I’m sorry I can’t resist

Dynamic Forces announced today that it will be partnering with Stan Lee to publish a new how-to book in 2007 titled Stan Lee’ s Guide to Writing Comics.

From the press release:

Dynamic Forces today announced a line of Historical Retrospective Books pairing the premiere comics and collectibles company with the legendary Stan Lee. Stan Lee, the co-creator of many great silver age characters – the corner stone – of the Marvel Universe, and the foundation of the multi-billion dollar entertainment giant Marvel has since become, is responsible for co-creating such characters as The Amazing Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, the Avengers, the Uncanny X-Men — and the list continues as Stan is the most prolific writer/creator in comics history. Previously Lee helped create an entire generation of writers and artist not only with his comics work, but with such previous “instructional” books as How to Draw the Marvel Way. This new series will help create the next generation.

“Wow! It’s hard to believe that I wrote How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way so many years ago! That’s why it was a snap for Nick Barrucci to convince me it’s time to write a follow-up tip sheet about how to draw, together with one telling how to write comics. It was a real blast for me to be working with the great guys at Dynamic Forces and I hope you’ll enjoy reading our sure to become best-sellers as much as I enjoyed working on them. Excelsior!”
–Stan Lee

[Emphasis added]

We at Sequential Study have obtained exclusive excerpts from this tip sheep, which will be padded with hyperbole, photos and art to fill an entire book. Read on, True Believer!

Stan Lee’s Easy 3-step Process to Writing Comics:
1. Create a hero! Helpful hints: If you hit a stumbling block, get an artist friend to let you use one of their heroes. Also, use alliterations for your hero’s alter ego so you don’t forget!
2. Write up a paragraph, no longer than a page, roughly summarizing a story for your character! Don’t worry about details or plot holes right now. That’ll be sorted out later.
3. Hand your paragraph to that artist friend! Helpful hint: Don’t forget to have your artist friend sign a work-for-hire contract!
4. Wait about a week!
5. Publish your brand new comic book!


Excelsior, indeed.


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  1. 6. Lie for decades about your contribution to the work (recommendation: claim 61-100%).

    7. Build charlatan empire based on hype and flasehoods.

    8. Destroy all notions of shame in your heart.

    9. Become senile and fool yourself into believing you have the talent you always pretended to have.

    10. Burn for eternity in Hell as Kirby laughs from his view in heaven at the right hand of God.

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