The Lost Steve Ditko Artbook

In the early 1980s, now-defunct Eclipse Comics was going to publish a limited edition hardcover book called The Art of Steve Ditko, as tribute to the co-creator and artist of Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and so many other seminal comic books. The project never came to fruition. Several accounts, some contradictory, have been given over the years as to why this is so. While the mystery remains, another piece has been revealed. Ditko historian Blake Bell has made available for the first time the contract between Eclipse Comics and Ditko for The Art of Steve Ditko, as well as a letter from Eclipse publisher Dean Mullaney to Ditko regarding the book and Ditko working for Eclipse in other capacities. While there’s no huge reveals, it’s an interesting look at the negotiations of a comic project. To access the documents, you must be a member of Bell’s Ditko/Kirby Mailing List.


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  1. I’m curious to see the info… Just awaiting my membership to the group to be approved! In the meantime, could you elaborate on what the contract says?

    There’s been a flurry of interest in Ditko of late (although I wonder if he would approve, given his aversion to interviews, photos, and the like). Dave “Cerebus” Sim has been talking Steve up over at his own blog,

    –Claude Flowers

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