Remembering Jerry Bails

As reported yesterday, other sites have been covering the death of Dr. Jerry Bails, perhaps with better insight and perspective than I. Here are a few: Grand Comic Book Database, The Comics Reporter, and Newsarama. The GCBD’s Ray Bottorff, Jr. also posted a notice as well as a note from Jean Bails to the Collector’s Society Message Board:

I have been reading the kind words about Jerry and shared them with his sons as well. I thank you as do they. I hope to get around to send a more personal thanks to each soon. What would Jerry say?
He would probably have said, “awe, stop–you are making me blush.” :-)

Actually it is MY read of his involvement in fandom that it was not all about him–it was about YOU. Surprisingly as it may seem, fandom was not that much about comic characters either but rather it was about people discovering their potential in whatever area and developing confidence in what they could do. Also, fandom was above all good people cooperating with one another to create an entity that was greater than the sum of its parts.

Looking at the size of some of the fanworks and conventions he would sometimes joke, “a monster has been created” but it was a monster he dearly loved. He had no misgivings about fandom going on quite well without him. It will because of all of you.

Thank you very much.
Jean Bails


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