You Are Here

You Are Here
By Kyle Baker (writer/artist)
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo
Originally released November 1998

Cover price: $19.95
Format: Soft cover, color, standard-size
ISBN 1563894424

Synopsis from publisher:

Noel Coleman’s got it made. He has a successful career, a house in the country, and a wonderful girlfriend. He’s also been lying like crazy about his secret past. Until now. Within a day of returning to New York City to sell his apartment, Noel’s being chased by the cops and stalked by a serial Killer. To top it off, his unsupecting fiancee’s followed him to the city with a big suprise. Will he finally tell her the truth? And will eiher of them survive the experience? This critically-praised, visually dazzling graphic novel earned Writer/Artist Kyle Baker a Eisner Award for Best Writer/Artist – Humor.


This publication is the original graphic novel You Are Here. All material in this publication was written and illustrated by Kyle Baker.

Reprints: N/A

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  1. I would like to help my boy friend write his comic book. He asks me for help and bounces ideas off me all the time. I try to help and give him all the support I can but I feel like i could/ should be doing more. What can I do to help him? Either with ideas or how to come up with them or I dunno! How do you help a writer?!?!

  2. generateddreams

    If he’s asking for help then do just that. I know when I bounce around idea’s off other people it’s great for them to take it in a direction I just wouldn’t of thought about.

    So be forthcoming with any idea’s no matter how silly they sound.

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